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Energy saving has become a world­wide mega­trend which will force electronic equip­ment manu­facturers to redesign power con­version systems in order to align with the forth­coming new regula­tions and direc­tives. This directly trans­lates into a huge require­ment for distri­butors to adopt their power design support to the challenges faced by power engineers today.

SILICA has recog­nised the need for pro­fessional power design support both on system and device level and is delighted to intro­duce Power ‘n More to you:

Power’n More embraces the strong engage­ment of suppliers and features a revolu­tionary approach for training and education. Dedicated Power FAEs with strong know­ledge and skills on power design have access to SILICA’s new and fully equipped power labs, helping customers with project design and simula­tion. And there’s more: 15 Power FAE experts who have com­pleted more than 1700 hours in-depth power training in 2013, 25 Analog FAEs with 1000 hours of Power training, and 55 Digital FAEs and sales engineers with 400 hours of Power basic training. Customers can be assured of the highest calibre of support and advice available from any European distri­butor. In addition, SILICA is in the process of establishing a network of external consul­tants, in the form of power con­version systems design-houses, to offer customers turn-key solutions on their power projects.

We have the majority of the top-ten Power vendors on our line­card and we are now well under­way in the prepa­ration of a Power module strategy enabling us to virtually offer end-to-end power design services “all under one roof”.

With the launch of the all-embracing Power ’n More strategy, SILICA is poised to become the single point of contact distributor for any company requiring a rock-solid and depen­dable partner with the capacity, infra­structure, and integrity in place to safely handle any power project - from design and proto­typing to simu­lation – as well as the supply with the finest com­ponent products available on the market.

Power ‘n More - the Future of Power Design Support starts now.

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